Revival By Design Course 1A The Vision – This lesson introduces the student to Revival by Design (RBD) and provides the background of how and why RBD was created.  It explains the Biblical principles on which RBD is established, such as the important balance of Spirit and Truth.  The lesson also provides the Biblical organizational… [Continue Reading]

If you would like additional information about Revival By Design, including how you can partner your church with RBD, please fill out the contact form below. We have a FREE booklet entitled “Introduction to Revival By Design” that we would like to share with you!  

So you have been seeking God for the right tools to take your church to the next level and experience unprecedented revival! As you have spent time reading through some of the information regarding Revival By Design on this website, you have begun to feel something stir within your spirit, prompting you to look into… [Continue Reading]

Training Seminars, Holy Ghost Rallies, Implementation Planning…these are just a few of the events that RBD Staff is involved in. Check this page often for information and details on upcoming meetings and events in your region that you can be a part of as you seek the tools to experience unprecedented revival! Our Training Seminars… [Continue Reading]

Douglas Elkins, Regional Coordinator RBD North America Douglas Elkins is a fifth generation Apostolic who brings a wide array of experience to his current responsibility as Regional Director for Revival By Design, North America. Douglas has also served in a variety of ministry responsibilities, beginning as a Youth Pastor.  He has over 20 years of… [Continue Reading]

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Little nothings

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us. ~ St. Augustine Do not run away! We are looking at the Hebrew, Greek and English language today but I promise it is for a purpose that will encourage the socks off of you. Stay with me... The Jot is the Hebrew word Yodh which is the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is also the smallest letter.  The actual word, jot, is the English  translation of iota, the ninth letter, and the … [Read More...]

Everyone a Gatherer

This post is written by Nannette Elkins, Editor of Curriculum for Revival By Design. You can follow her at Everyone a Gatherer! Gather. Such a funny word when you look at it and say it over and over again. Every time I hear it spoken out loud I envision the one saying it with their arms stretched out and then pulling everyone, and everything, in to them. Gather. Come together, assemble or accumulate. Here is another … [Read More...]

When the patient knows better than the Healer

This post is written by our curriculum editor Nannette Elkins, wife of Douglas Elkins, our North America Regional Coordinator.  Nannette also spent a year in Latvia helping launch Revival by Design. She is the author of The Daniel Fast, A Devotional available here! You can get acquainted with her writings at her blog Hope in the Healing and also at Internet Cafe Devotions where she is a monthly contributor. Have you heard of the Abana and … [Read More...]

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RBD Training Center News!

RBDNA Training Centers Updates June 2016

The excitement of April carried right on into May as we were involved in Training Seminars in Mt. Juliet, TN, Toronto, Ontario, Conway, AR and Mandeville, LA. We want to take this opportunity to thank each church, pastor and leadership team member who helped to make these seminars a reality! We also want to thank those who attended the seminars as students. It truly was an awesome month! Many notable miracles took place during our training … [Read More...]

RBDNA Training Centers Update May 2016

Miracles, Healings, Holy Ghost In-fillings and More Much of what we have to share this month centers around the FOUR Training Seminars that were held in April. Reading PA, Mansfield OH, Taylorsville MS and Ellettsville IN all served as hosts. We are beyond thankful for these churches opening their doors to allow RBDNA to come and share the RBD process with neighboring pastors and church leaders. As you can see above, we have launched THREE … [Read More...]

RBDNA Training Centers Update April 2016

The past couple of months have been filled with many exciting REVIVAL happenings across North America! RBDNA Training in West Chicago, IL During March, we were honored to conduct an RBDNA Training Seminar at The Orchard in West Chicago, IL with Pastor Vito LoCascio. The leadership team was filled with very excited individuals whom God has brought together to embrace the vision of experiencing what we are calling the Great Chicago Revival! … [Read More...]

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