Resurrection Sunday, 2013 was a record breaking event for Apostolic Life Center!

New building, 150 in attendance, record-breaking crowd, Easter Drama, Sign Praise Team, Anointed Preaching, awesome altar service, lunch was served, and a candy rain with the results of three being baptized in Jesus’ Name and three baptized in the Holy Ghost!

Outwardly it may appear these events started and ended that day. Far from the truth!  Of course we all know it began on the Day of Pentecost in an Upper Room over 2000 years ago!  But when did Pentecost actually start for Apostolic Life Center?  It began when two people sold out to the call of God and moved to Austin, Texas to plant a church.  From that time until now, Pentecost happens every week!  Just like on the initial outpouring on the day of Pentecost, it always begins with a few and multiplies as the LORD adds to the Church such as should be saved!

In October, 2012, Pastor John Ratka traveled to Pearland, Texas where he was privileged to attend training for Revival by Design, taught by Bro. Douglas J. Elkins, Regional Coordinator, Revival By Design, North America.

From that time, Pastor Ratka organized quarterly all-night prayer meetings, scheduled days of fasting and began teaching the Revival by Design Discipleship course to Apostolic Life Center weekly.

The sower sows the word.” Mark 4:14 (NKJV).

Spring break week in March, the Church went to a nearby neighborhood daily, witnessed, played games with the children, served food and made new friends!

Pastor Ratka baptizing one of the many!
Pastor Ratka baptizing one of the many!

What were the results? The week before Easter on a Wednesday night, something started to break in the Spirit!  One person, who had been taught a Bible Study about a year ago and had previously been baptized, received the Holy Ghost!  Then three more on Easter Sunday!

Tuesday night, the Church came back together for our weekly prayer meeting and two of the people who had attended Easter wanted to be baptized.  The Spirit of GOD filled the baptismal room where their Mother and other sister were standing!  Their Mother raised her hands while standing at the foot of the baptismal tank and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit of GOD fell on her!

As we were worshiping  the other sister said she wanted to be baptized!  She received the Holy Ghost while still in the water!  All to the Glory of GOD!  These new babes are now bringing all of their family to church! This week we had the privilege of baptizing their Mother! This is PENTECOST!

Since the beginning of January, we have experienced eleven baptized, eight filled with the Holy Ghost and five that have come back to God!  Thank you Jesus!  It’s His Revival by His Design!Receiving The Holy Ghost!Another Manchaca Baptism!

Manchaca Baptism