This article originally was included in our monthly RBD newsletter.

The subject of angels is huge, and therefore I will simply give the basics of their ministry.

Angels-of-God 1Throughout the Word of God we see the ministry of angels. They were there at the beginning of the creation of God and rejoiced when the foundation of the world was formed.

Angels are the servants of God, not of man. They do minister to the heirs of salvation, but they belong to God. I do not have the right to command them for they don’t report to me for duty, but they report to God (Psalms 103:20).

When we look into the ranks of angels, we catch a glimpse of their purpose and ministry to mankind as God directs them.

We know the names of three angels, most likely due to their being chief angels in their ministry and function. One example in scripture shows us that the name of this particular angel was secret (Judges 13:15-19).

The names of the three angels:

  • Lucifer: He was a Cherub, one that covered. However, he was very unique in that God created him with special musical abilities. Most likely he was the Chief Cherub.
  • Michael: He is the Chief Warrior Angel that fights for Israel or God’sMichael Angel people.
  • Gabriel: He appears to be the Chief Messenger Angel, in that we have his name. He appears to Daniel to give him understanding and revelation concerning Israel, he appeared to Zachariah to tell him about the birth of John, and he appeared to Mary to give her tidings of the birth of the Messiah.

Ranks of angels as we see in the scriptures:

  • Cherubim’s: Protectors of the holiness of God. They have four wings.
  • Seraphim’s: Attend to the Lord and sing, “Holy, holy, holy.” (Isaiah 6:1-7).
    • Seraphim are found in Revelation 4:6-9, which are the six-winged angels as found in Isaiah.
    • Warriors: Chief Angel being Michael.
    • Messenger: Chief Angel most likely being Gabriel.
      • Hebrews 1:13-14 speaks of angels being ministering spirits.

AA008975There are probably more types of angels than the ones mentioned. However, these are the ones that we see in the scriptures, not counting the fallen angels.

The Old Testament Structure is a pattern of the heavenly structure. We can therefore come up with a reasonable pattern for God’s structure with His angels.

God is the Overseer of all aspects of His Creation.

  • In His presence, there is continual worship from the Seraphim.
  • The Cherub is continually in the presence of God, in that they are protectors of God’s holiness and they go with Him wherever He goes.
  • God’s Right Hand of Military Power would be Michael.
  • God’s Left hand of Messenger Angels would be Gabriel.

We see this balance of Spirit and Truth throughout the scriptures. In the Old Testament Church in the Wilderness it was Joshua and Aaron. It is the Old Testament (Law) and the New Testament (Spirit). You see this in Satan’s structure False Prophet/Power and the Whore/Perverse Religion. In the heavenlies, it is Michael and Gabriel.

Even when Jesus was on the Mount and was transfigured before his top three disciples, they see Moses and Elijah appear before the Lord and talk to Him of His death. Moses represents the Law, and Elijah represents Power or the Prophetic.

Angels are sent by God into situations to minister to the heirs of salvation. For example, as we are praising God, the presence of God comes down and warrior angels push back demonic powers, to make way for God’s presence, and ministering angels begin to minister as the glory of His majesty comes in and then the people of the Lord begin to worship.

We do not have the authority to command angels to do our bidding, because they belong to God and not to us. We can ask God to send his angels into situations, which I do on a regular basis. Abraham said to his servant, “God will send His angel before you to give you success.” When God spoke to Moses concerning going into the Promised Land, He told him that He would send his Angel before him and fear would fall upon the enemies of the Lord and he would drive out the enemies of the Lord before the people of the Lord.

Here are a few examples of angel interaction in my life:

In Minsk, Belarus we were under attack in our neighborhood by gangs. One day when my wife Robin and I were seeking the Lord, I was in the kitchen praying in tongues, and the Lord took my spirit up above my neighborhood. I could still hear myself speaking in tongues. When I looked down upon my neighborhood I saw angels moving like lightning pushing back the darkness. God spoke to me, and said, “This is a result of the tongues you are speaking right now.”

God miraculously healed me when I was 18 years old after my leg was broken in 22 places, and the doctors had said that I would probably never walk again. However, the Lord did not heal my knee. I had a torn ligament, which was very painful. My knee would give out suddenly at any given time. The doctors said that they would have to staple my muscle to my knee in order to fix it. I did not want to go through another operation, so one night when I was in a lot of pain, I asked the Lord to heal me. I fell asleep, and in the middle of the night I woke up, and my room was as light as day, and a man in white stood beside my bed with blond hair. He looked at me and smiled and reached over and touched my knee and I fell back asleep. It was like a dream, however I remember many details. When I awoke in the morning I remembered what had happened, and I stood up from bed without pain and my knee hasn’t given out again. That was around 24 years ago.

Matthew 18:10 “Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”

Psalms 34:7 The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fearPsalm 34_7 him, and delivereth them.

I believe, according to the scriptures, that God has assigned angels to each believer that is baptized in Jesus’ Name and has received the Holy Spirit (heirs of salvation). However, when a believer sins, the angels back away from the believer, in that the angel of the Lord encamps around them that fear the Lord.

I believe that these angels give an account of the actions of the believers to the Lord and their actions, whether good or bad, are written in a book. I believe that this is what is being talked about in 1 Corinthians 11 when addressing the subject of the line of authority. The angels know if a woman is under authority by the sign of her hair.

My wife and I have seen angels many times and every time it has been in response to prayer or God opening our eyes to a situation so that we could understand what He was doing and so that we could help others.

Many times as I have been preaching, my wife would see an angel standing behind me and covering me with its wings as I preached the Word. This greatly encouraged me, and taught me that I am not alone, but that God sent His angel to help me.

When we step forward in confidence in the Word of God and understanding that God has sent His angels with us to help us in the work of God, then the angels step forward to accomplish the will of God. If we hang back and are fearful, then the angels of the Lord can do nothing. The mandate was given to mankind to rule the earth under the direction of God. These angels, who are mighty in power, are under the orders of God Himself, and are waiting for you and I to step forward into our rightful place and speak the Word of the Lord. When we do this, then signs and wonders will take place and visions and dreams will be seen.

I thank the Lord for the opportunity to see angels and to understand more of the workings of God’s Kingdom. However, my desire is to see the Lord and to understand Him.  I want to see God’s will accomplished. I do not want to work in the power of this flesh, but I will step forward in the confidence of God and proclaim His will.