The first portion of this report comes from Pastor Sam Dougherty of Apostolic Worship Center in Catoosa, Oklahoma.

In the last few years we began to get concerned that we were winning too few people to God, and that we really had no good plan.  Our contact list was empty.  We were not teaching HBS.  Our plan was simply to have good church, but we were not winning enough people, and we certainly were not keeping enough of them.

Catoosa 2013 New ConvertsThen we signed up with RBD, who seemed to have a good plan.  In 2012 we had 45 new converts, and managed to keep 20 of them.  These people went thru the HBS, then the new convert course, then RBD 1A, and 1B.  Now they are bringing new people left and right.

In 2013, we had nine new converts in March and April.  Then we scheduled a Holy Ghost Rally on June 1. Missionary Charles Robinette (Austria) was the featured speaker. In the firstCatoosa Holy Ghost Rally - Missionary Charles Robinette 7 service we had four people receive the Holy Ghost.  They were a man and wife in their 70’s, a young woman approximately 20, and another middle aged woman. Two of these were baptized.  The others will be baptized, as soon as we give them a Bible study lesson about baptism.  We are of course enrolling them in New Convert courses.

In the second service there were three more that received the Holy Ghost, and one backslider prayed through. The total for 2013 is now 16 new converts, and we are expecting many more.

We are finding out that the 2012 new converts are bringing more people to church than all of the rest of the church put together, RBD really works!

We also have a summary report from recent RBD training that is taking place in Howell, MI under the leadership of Pastor Michael Brown. We want to thank Bro. Michael McKinnies for sharing this report.

On the weekend of May 24th, Pastor Michael Brown and the leadership at Crossroads Apostolic Church of Howell, MI gathered together under one burden, to see the lost of Livingston County saved.  During the two day RBD RBD Howell SeminarTraining Seminar a great vision for sustainable revival was cast and received by many of the church leaders and a new-found hope for growth sprung up like a well within their spirits.  As a result of this, 22 leaders committed to Revival by Design and committed to reaping an end-time harvest of souls in Livingston County…an RBD Center was born.  This center will become the light to guide the way for revival, not only in their immediate area, but also far reaching into the rest of the state of Michigan!  God said it this weekend, “NOW IS THE TIME!”

God has Revival for this world…and it will be By Design!