We continue to hear great reports from our RBDNA Training Centers from February! God is continuing to lead His people to open doors of ministry and results are being achieved.

There were also three RBDNA Training Seminars during February in North Little Rock, AR; Lake Station, IN and Newark, OH.

Pastor Scott Wilbourn, in Lindsay, Oklahoma, reports that they have begun Discipleship training, two nights a week, as they prepare to launch their church into RBD training and evangelism. Several obstacles precluded this church from moving forward for a few months. However, once Pastor Wilbourn set his mind to beginning, God began to work in a miraculous way…including a new job for him that now gives him more flexibility and time to spend in the church, as well as providing a door into the community through this job to make brand new contacts!

In Monroe, Oregon, Asst. Pastor Brandon Tittsworth reports that they have between 16 and 20 students regularly attending Course 1A. They are also holding eight Bible Studies currently and the team is actively seeking others to become involved in a study. While all of this is happening, they are also seeing new people in the altars seeking God!

Pastor Willie Thornton in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, shares that they are preparing to do some follow-up training and will then be relaunching new evangelism efforts. They have a great anticipation that God is going to lead them to hungry souls.

The First Church in Toronto, Ontario reports that they have begun two new House Groups/Bible Studies. In addition they share that four have been baptized and four have received the Holy Ghost since the beginning of the year!

Turnpointe Church of Conway, Arkansas shares that their current three House Groups are continuing to accomplish training at different levels. They report that one has been filled with the Holy Ghost this year.

Pastor Curtis Eaby in White Plains, Maryland tells us that they currently have three House Groups meeting with plans to launch another during March. They are also gearing toward Holy Ghost Rallies in both May and June!

Turning Point Apostolic Church in Ellettsville, Indiana reports that their two House Churches are still progressing, as well as the RBDNA team being trained in Course 2. They are planning a major outreach event in conjunction with their Easter Drama and will also be launching new teams into Course 1A within the next few weeks.

Pastor Charles Yeakel in Mendota, Illinois states that their initial Course 1A training did get underway at the first of February in spite of battling much severe weather. They are also looking at developing outreach plans as they gear toward their first RBDNA Holy Ghost Rally in early June.

The RBDNA Training Center in Spencer, Indiana confirms that RBD Course 2 training continues, as well as House Church Discipleship training. In addition, they are getting others involved in home groups to become comfortable with the many facets of RBD as they work toward launching another Course 1A group later this summer.

Extreme weather conditions have also had a toll on the Orillia, Ontario Training Center. Pastor Kerr shared that they are encountering snowbanks as much as five feet deep! The team is using this time to become very familiar with both the Course 1 and Discipleship curriculum as they gear up for an early May launch into evangelism!

Smokey Lane Apostolic Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas reports that they are moving into Course 1A training, with a focus on launching evangelism and their Holy Ghost Rally taking place on Pentecost Sunday!

Pastor James Parker reports in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts that they have eight students being taught Course 1A currently. While the extreme weather has also hampered them, they are on target for the start of evangelism in April and their first Holy Ghost Rally in late May. They have also baptized two this year and seen two filled with the Holy Ghost!

In DeKalb, Illinois, their five House Churches are going very well with an average attendance now moving up into the 30+ range! They have also begun a monthly “Hall Church” meeting where different House Church members are involved in the service.

We are excited about what God is doing throughout our North America Training Centers! These reports will just keep getting better as many of the newer Centers that are currently coming on line begin to move into evangelism and their Holy Ghost Rallies! We look forward to sharing these additional reports with you!