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Revival By Design has developed, and is continuing to develop, its own unique curriculum for both Discipleship and Ministry training. The goal of our curriculum is not simply to educate and offer head knowledge, but to take what has been taught in the classroom training and then successfully apply this teaching in real-life situations. We all understand that the best opportunities to learn are the hands-on experiences.

The seven levels of RBD Curriculum cover areas such as Doctrine, Personal Development, Spiritual Gifts, Leadership Development and Administration. Each level builds upon the previous level in order to prepare the student to grow not only in knowledge, but also in their area of ministry responsibilities.

The 30 lesson Discipleship Curriculum lays a very basic foundation for the new convert. These lessons have been developed in a fashion that is very simple to grasp for the student who has had no prior Bible training, yet also challenging enough to keep the attention of someone who has spent much time in the Word of God. The three main sections of this curriculum are Doctrine, Personal Development and Godly Character.

 All of our curriculum is also available in Spanish. It is also being translated into Russian and Latvian, and will be translated into other languages as the need presents itself.


  • Spiritual Warfare is taken from the principles found when God sent the Israelites into the Promised Land. God sent them to Jericho, the greatest stronghold in the land. Within seven days they were able to take this stronghold using strategic means. The god of this world has blinded the eyes of people so that they cannot see the Truth. Through strategic prayer and fasting, the strongman is bound and his strongholds crumble.
  • There are hints to operating in the Gifts of the Spirit that help us to know what God is doing and how He is doing it. Jesus said, “…the Son can do nothing of Himself, but He does what He see His Father do.” John 5:19.  Our flesh can do nothing of itself, but we follow what the Spirit is doing. God speaks to us in different ways: a voice, a word given by someone else, while reading His Word, through a vision or a dream, and through our feelings.
  • One of the greatest methods for teaching evangelism is what God taught Moses to do, what Jesus Himself did, and what He taught His disciples to do: Signs and Wonders. RBD believes that God wants to do Signs and Wonders still today!
  • Make your goals attainable by dividing them. God had Joshua divide the land and then conquer it. In every territory there is a demonic power that rules and we must take them out strategically. We don’t wait for revival; we take the revival that God has promised.
  • RBD structures for revival by using the Old Testament principles, which are a shadow of what we should be using, what God already uses, and the New Testament Church also used. Satan counterfeits God and so you see him using this basic structure as well.
  • Roles and offices are extremely important in understanding how structure works. We give teaching and training on the five-fold ministry and offices in the Church.

This is a quick overview of the RBD curriculum. We would love to answer your questions! Contact us at Douglas.elkins@rbdna.org

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