Course 2 Overview

Developing RBD evangelism plans in Riga, Latvia

8-Month Course

Doctrinal: The purpose of this course for Captains over 50 is to prepare the learner for his/her role as a supervisor. The learner will be introduced to basic doctrine, several management types of lessons, emphasizing the need for communication, leading others, reporting and developing personal skills in dealing with people.

Practical Application: Fulfill the practicum from Course 1B in establishing new converts in a House Church setting and mentor individuals on a weekly basis.

1.  Series: Personal Development 

101             Setting Life Priorities (Getting it right)

101.1-2       Personal Devotion Expanded

101.3-4       Spiritually Healthy Family

101.5-6       Ministering to Others

2.  Series: Administration 

201             Management by Objective

202             Time Management

203             Communication/Two Way

203.1          The Benefits

203.2          Eliminating Suspicion

203.3          Conflict Resolution

3.  Series: Doctrine 

301             Book of Acts

302             Life of Christ

303             Stewardship

4.  Series: Leadership

401             Shame

402             Delegate or Die

403             Conducting a Baptism

5.  Series: Spiritual Gifting

501            Balance of Spirit and Truth Part 2

501.1-2      Understanding the Balance

502            Gifts of the Spirit Part 2

503            Spiritual Warfare


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