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I Am Complete In Christ Level 1

Baptism of Melinda in Riga, Latvia!
Baptism of Melinda in Riga, Latvia!

Introduction – To introduce the new convert to the structure and purpose of this course, home group, the Church and the importance they all play in the life of a new convert.

God’s Favor and Peace – Explains the grace of God and the peace of God and how they are multiplied in our lives.

Your Relationship with God – How to maintain a lasting relationship with God.

Satan Desires to Destroy You – Teaching us to be aware that Satan desires to destroy us gives instruction on how to overcome him through the use of spiritual weapons.

Falling in Love with His Word – The Word of God is absolutely vital to our survival and growing in Him.  This lesson teaches the importance and blessings of being diligent in the Word.

Our Foundation, Part 1 – To understand that Christ is Savior, Lord and King.  In Him only are we complete and beside Him there is no other Savior.  He is the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Our Foundation, Part 2 –  The student will comprehend that Jesus is God manifested in the flesh; the Holy One of Israel.  He is the Chief Cornerstone; the foundation of the Church. Without the true foundation, the house will fall.

The Gospel – To bring to remembrance the Gospel that was preached, according to the scriptures, by which also you are saved.

Growing in Grace – As believers, we know that trials will come.  However, as we overcome our tests and temptations, we grow in grace and gain knowledge through His Word.

Growing in Faith – To show that believers must continue to grow in faith, trusting Him more and more.  We need to boldly take God at His Word, nothing wavering.

Evaluation: Exam Level 1

I Am Complete In Christ Level 2

The Church – To gain a clear understanding of what the Church is and to have a greater appreciation for it.

Building an Altar to God – To explain the importance of building an altar unto the Lord in your home.  We are not talking about a physical altar, but a time and place for prayer.

Evangelism – Learning how to share your faith with others and help them to be born again of water and of Spirit into the Kingdom of God.

Moral Excellence – To explain what moral excellence (virtue) is and its importance in our lives.

Healing from the Past, Part 1 – Learning to accept Christ’s forgiveness and the importance of forgiving others. Recognizing and understanding how we remember people’s transgressions as a form of control and a weapon to use against them.

Healing from the Past, Part 2 – How to acquire healing from our shameful past. Learning to forgive ourselves and accepting God’s forgiveness.

God’s Nature – To grow in the knowledge of God by understanding His nature.  To also understand how His nature can be developed in our lives.

Walking with Christ – To learn to walk in the Spirit, so as not to fulfill the lust of the flesh.

Self-Control – To learn how to have self-control over our flesh.  The importance of having self-control.

Patience – To understand how to have patience in trials and the rewards that come to the child of God because of it.  To understand the importance of enduring trials.

Evaluation: Exam Level 2

I Am Complete In Christ Level 3

Understanding the Process; a review of the first two levels. – To show the process and progress made during Course 1 and 2.

Tithe and Offerings – To learn the importance of tithes and offerings and where the idea of tithing came from.

Godliness/Holiness for Men, Part 1 – To learn what holiness is and how to apply it to the inner man.  To be able to practice holiness in our thoughts and actions.

Godliness/Holiness for Men, Part 2 – To learn principles of holiness as it applies to power and riches.

Godliness/Holiness for Women, Part 1 – To teach women how to protect their thoughts and hearts.

Godliness/Holiness for Women, Part 2 – How to please God in outward appearance.  Evaluating how we dress and conduct ourselves.

Brotherly Kindness: Serving – To learn to show kindness through serving others; to accomplish putting others before ourselves.

Brotherly Kindness: Church Relationships – To learn about Church relationships; honoring leaders and caring for one another.

God’s Love/Charity – How to manifest the Love of God in your life and how to grow in God’s love.

I am Complete in Christ – To evaluate where we are in our spiritual maturity.

Evaluation: Exam Level 3

Final Exam – Comprehensive


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