RBDNA February 2015 Training Center Monthly Update

January kicked off another wonderful year for RBDNA!

Pastor Joel Mitchell of Arab, AL shares that at the conclusion of teaching the Course 1A lesson on “Preparing Someone To Be Healed” that the team moved into practicum! Several notable miracles happened including a testimony of healing by Pastor Mitchell. He was completely healed of agonizing back pain which he had been suffering with for quite some time. At the end of January, this Training Center graduated its first 1A class and began a week of Prayer Walks!

Turning Point Apostolic Church of Ellettsville, IN, had a tremendous start to 2015 by baptizing five and had one receive the Holy Ghost.

Pastor Bryan Shock in Conway, AR shares that they are currently operating three House Churches, with one of them preparing to move forward into evangelism. The church is also undergoing an extensive remodeling project to facilitate a much-needed enlargement of their sanctuary due to continued growth. They are also adding classrooms, meeting rooms, and offices as God has miraculously provided additional space for the church.

Our Training Center in Orillia, Ontario continues to push forward teaching Bible Studies and preparing to resume a cycle of evangelism in the Spring. The church has greeted several first time visitors in recent weeks.

Pastor Greg Davis in DeKalb, IL shares that they are about to wrap up their second cycle of Course 1 training with sights set on opening several new House Churches. In addition, they will be wrapping up a Course 2 class by mid March. Revival continues to happen in DeKalb!

Douglas Elkins conducting RBDNA training

RBDNA Training in Montgomery, AL

Personally, we were privileged to participate in the initial training and launch of three RBDNA Training Centers during January. We were in Cedartown, GA; Montgomery, AL; and Brookhaven, MS. The sessions in all three of these churches were well attended and the participants eagerly embraced the principles and vision of RBD! We look forward to sharing further details and praise reports from these Centers in the upcoming months.

We are also receiving many calls and emails from pastors all over North America expressing an interest in what RBD is doing. We anticipate 2015 being our greatest year of impact yet!

Yours for the cause of pursuing HIS will! REVIVAL will not happen by accident…it WILL come by DESIGN…

RBDNA January 2014 Training Center Updates

North America Report…

As we turned the calendar to a brand new year…we continued to see wonderful opportunities to share Revival By Design with pastors and church leaders who are hungry for greater REVIVAL than they have ever experienced before!In early January we were blessed to conduct an RBDNA Training Seminar with Pastor Charles Yeakel and the UPC of Mendota, IL. There was an awesome presence of the Holy Spirit not only in our training sessions, but also in our Sunday service, as the church was officially launched forward in RBD! The historical vision of this church to not only reach their city, but to also spread into many of the surrounding cities will be a catalyst in seeing UNPRECEDENTED REVIVAL happen! We will also be launching at least two additional Training Centers from this Seminar.

We were then privileged to spend an amazing few days in Alexandria, LA attending BOTT (the theme this year was REVIVE!). It was a blessing to get to see several of our RBDNA Training Center pastors there as well as make some connections with pastors who are seeking some answers to experience a new outpouring of REVIVAL! We are confident that some of these contacts will begin to seek God for direction regarding RBD and how it can make a difference in their local assembly.

After exiting, and rare Winter Storm Warning in Alexandria, we made our way to North Little Rock, AR to hold RBDNA Training for Pastor Ryan Kidder and the Smokey Lane Apostolic Church. Again, God worked in incredible ways throughout the entire weekend as we launched yet another Training Center to go forward and take dominion in their territory!

At least two additional RBDNA Training Centers will be launched as a result of this Seminar. God is mightily opening doors!

Extreme weather conditions, as well as waves of sickness, seemed to dominate many of the reports that came in from our North America Training Centers this past month. But in the midst of obstacles…God is still doing a great work!

Pastor James Parker in West Bridgewater, MA shares that as they are launching into their initial Course 1A training, God is doing marvelous things! One man associated with the church felt the need to construct and erect a cross on the exterior of the church building in order to more easily identify the building as a church! This has been a desire for quite some time, but through the renewed vision, God moved upon this man to accomplish the task!

In White Plains, MD, Pastor Curtis Eaby reports that they are wrapping up Course 1A training with plans to move into Evangelism by mid to late February. In addition, they are currently in various stages of progress with four House Churches and the possibility of starting a fifth one shortly!

Pastor Ron Hawkins, in Ellettsville, IN, states that the two House Churches currently underway are still progressing nicely. In addition, their RBD team is well into Course 2 training. He also reports that for the year 2013, there were 30 baptisms and 15 that received the gift of the Holy Ghost! This represents a doubling of what they experienced in the previous year. He shares that their overall attendance gain was approximately 12.5% from the year 2012. God is doing awesome things there.

The UPC of DeKalb, IL launched six House Churches in January. The potential attendance in these is over 50, including leaders. While the weather and sickness has had an impact upon these as they launch, we know that God is laying the foundation for great things to continue to happen in DeKalb! Pastor Greg Davis also shared that they have experienced a 16% increase in their attendance by the end of the year, with the months of August through December each being record highs for the church!

Bro. Justin Pollard, of the Apostolics of Orillia, Ontario, shares that they have completed Course 1 training with their team, and are beginning to work through the Discipleship curriculum in order to become completely familiar with it. Due to several circumstances, they will be looking to launch into their first cycle of Evangelism in late April to early May! Their goal is to be completely familiar with all of the curriculum and principles by the time they begin outreach, with an anticipated goal of at least two House Churches! God is doing the miraculous for them in working out the logistics to strategically take their city. This small, but mighty, group is shaking their city!

Pastor Willie Thornton, of Pine Bluff, AR shares that they had one receive the infilling of the Holy Ghost this past month! God continues to show this church that they are on the right track with steady results!

First Church of Toronto shares that they had two baptized last month, as well as three participating in Bible Studies. Pastor Tim Pickard is continuing to lead this church forward as they address some structure and administrative needs before refocusing on increased evangelism efforts.

We continue to give God great praise for these reports! The Church has never been in a better position to reach our world! We are truly thankful for pastors and churches who have a burden to go beyond the norm to experience UNPRECEDENTED REVIVAL!

RBDNA November 2013 Training Center Updates

The month of November continued to show that Revival is not something to hope for, but is attainable through a plan and practice.

In the middle of the month, we were privileged to spend some extended time in Ontario, Canada. The first week we did some follow up leadership training and took part in several ministry opportunities with our RBD Training Center in Toronto, pastored by Timothy Pickard. Still basking from the Holy Ghost outpouring in late October, this church is now in the process of working to disciple these new ones, as well as refocusing efforts on continued evangelism and outreach. One of the Sectional Coordinators shared that they had a follow-up meeting for dinner with a young lady they had taught a Home Bible Study. During their meal, the young lady boldly announced that she needed to be baptized! After quickly settling the bill, all three of them went directly to the church where they baptized her! This shows the importance of continued connections even after the completion of the HBS!

From there we traveled a little further north to Orillia, Ontario. Here we took part in the initial training of the leadership team of Orillia Pentecostal Church, pastored by Bro. John Kerr. This team is very excited about utilizing the potential of RBD to begin making inroads into the city that God has called them to. On Sunday, following our opportunity to minister, we commissioned Bro. & Sis. Kerr, as well as Bro. & Sis. Justin Pollard, who are working with them to go into the field, spread the Gospel and make disciples! Already they are sharing reports of doors that are opening to make new contacts, even while they are continuing their Course 1A training. God is doing great things in Orillia.

Pastor Curtis Eaby shares that they have one House Church underway and are presently establishing a group of new converts in their relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition, they baptized two and had one receive the Holy Ghost this past month. Course 1A training continues with a cycle of evangelism that is planning to launch after the first of the year.

Pastor Scott Wilbourn of Lindsay, OK is launching their first cycle of training this month! We are looking forward to what God is doing in this congregation!

Our Spencer, IN Training Center is preparing to start an additional House Church shortly. Their current House Church is training eight members, with one of those attending via skype! Makes me think of the old saying that where there is a will…there is a way! They have baptized one and had two receive the Holy Ghost and  continue to see consistent walk-in guests in their services as a result of their outreach effort in October. They will initiate Course 2 training this month.

Pastor Willie Thornton of Pine Bluff, AR, reports that they are still seeing visitors coming into their regular services. They are working to transform these guests into connections as they work to get them involved in Bible Studies.

Turning Point Apostolic Church in Ellettsville, IN continues to see mighty things happening. In early November, they hosted the Indiana Bible College Chorale. This resulted in an overflow crowd, where numerous miracles were claimed! In addition, miracle reports have been shared in almost every service this month, as well as baptisms that have taken place. The depth of spiritual impact upon this church is still amazing. Their two House Churches are still continuing to establish recent new converts.

Pastor Mike Schmelzer in Winona, MN shares some exciting news as they continue their Course 1A training of their team of ten. Since their decision to implement RBD, they have seen God open many doors, as well as send them several new walk-in guests. During this time, their attendance has more than doubled! They have started one House Church to disciple new converts, with the possibility of starting another very soon. They had two receive the Holy Ghost this past month. In addition to the discipleship training, they have Bible Studies taking place on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Finally, this month we share a great report from Pastor Greg Davis in DeKalb, IL. They have had 18 in attendance as they near completion of Course 1B. He reports that here have been 47 involved in Bible Studies! This past month saw six baptized and three receive the Holy Ghost! They held introductory meetings for a “Meet & Greet” session in five locations that will serve as House Church locations after the first of the year. Since August, Bro. Davis shares that their average Sunday attendance has grown by 20%. Beyond that, they are seeing a 36% increase in other regular services which show that those who were just attending on Sundays are now beginning to take part in the other services as well. We ask that you join the DeKalb church in prayer for their Miracle Crusade service which will be held this Friday, December 6 in which they are looking for a mighty Holy Ghost outpouring!

We give God great praise for these reports! We stand on the brink of an Apostolic outpouring as we continue to spread the Gospel and make disciples! We encourage you to share these reports with others in order that the Kingdom would be glorified!

August North America RBD Update

August was a wonderful month for Revival By Design in North America! We were privileged to be in White Plains, MD with Pastor Curtis Eaby and the congregation of Crossroads Apostolic Church. We provided an initial Training Seminar to a very excited team that is hungry to experience greater revival in their territory. We were also honored to minister on Sunday, where there was an amazing presence of the Holy Spirit that challenged the church to get into the harvest field! We look forward to sharing many reports from this church.

Pastor Shane Chance shared the miraculous report of how they have acquired a new location for The Sanctuary of San Antonio. Not only did God double the size of the facility from their previous one, but He did it without raising their monthly expenses! They are now blessed with greater resources with which to move forward on the quest for revival! We are so excited about this miracle!

Pastor and Sister Thornton from our RBD Training Center in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, shared with us that they have baptized an additional three members of their House Church! They began this group by teaching the six week Bible Study and are seeing God move in a mighty way! The church is being strengthened in Pine Bluff!

Pastor Ron Hawkins and Turning Point Apostolic Church in Ellettsville, IN held their first RBD Holy Ghost Rally on Sunday, August 25. Evangelist Felix Crowder ministered in both the AM & PM services. A tremendous presence of the Holy Ghost fell in the evening service. One person received the Holy Ghost and at least four were refilled. There were four that were baptized in Jesus’ Name and at least 10 people claimed a miraculous healing in their body. Aside from these reports, the church is energized now to not only begin the discipleship of the many new souls that God has brought into the church over the past several months, but to return to the field and continue evangelism efforts to build upon this momentum. The church was filled to near capacity as many came seeking a healing touch in their life. In the next few days, two house churches will be launched with the prospects of 12 to 15 students becoming established in their relationship with Christ through the Discipleship training!

Reports continue to filter in that confirm that churches all across North America are in various stages of implementing RBD. In the upcoming days/weeks there will be Holy Ghost Rallies. There will be churches that will form brand new House Churches. We will have some Training Centers begin to train their teams in Course 1. There will be other churches that will be entrenched in evangelism. Please keep all of our Centers in your prayers for an unprecedented move of the Holy Ghost to transpire in their midst.

These are just a few of the reports that I have received over the past few weeks. Please help us to encourage our community of RBD Training Centers by sharing what is happening in your church!

Where Are The Prayer Warriors?

Rev. Nathan Shutes (Director of Administration, RBD Global) is our contributor and he shares the burden of this writing. “This was written after an experience where God placed such a heavy burden on my heart for lost souls. He reminded me of His love for souls that goes beyond our typical feelings of pulling someone out of hell. Jesus called us to be soul winners so that He could fully express His love for His people.”

He continues, “This is not being written to judge, I am just repeating what God has laid on my heart. It was a painful experience that renewed in me a sense of purpose and calling. It’s a calling to minister to the lost on their turf, not just in a church service from a pulpit.”

Luke 10:1-2 (NKJV)  “After these things the Lord appointed seventy others also, and sent them two by two before His face into every city and place where He Himself was about to go. Then He said to them, ‘The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.’”

We all have this verse memorized about how we should pray for laborers. Jesus Luke 10had thousands of people following Him. We know this because he fed the five thousand, so there were people around. Yet in verse one He appointed seventy to go before Him. Jesus knows the issue isn’t the numbers that we surround ourselves with; it’s the fact that most of them are not laborers. Can we be transparent and wonder ourselves if He would have picked us as one of the seventy?

Luke 14:23 (NKJV) “Then the master said to the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.’”

Who will leave their pride at home and tell the man begging for money that Jesus died for him too? Who will walk to the highways and the hedges and tell them that Jesus loves them? Who will tell a lost world that He thought of them while on the cross? Will it be you?

We are sometimes so worried about hell that we forget the point isn’t hell; it’s that Jesus loves them. While praying, I received a Word from the Lord that I just couldn’t let go. He said, “Love the lost like I love the lost.” The only thing I could do was put my face into the carpet and repeat that statement over and over again. Love the lost like I love the lost. Above all else that we are called to do, we are called to love the lost. People are dying not knowing that Jesus loves them.

Who will tell a stranger that Jesus loves them? The most quoted Scripture used to be John 3:16, that “God so loved the world.” But now we quote Romans 8:28, that “All things work for my good.” At some point we figured that God was a vending machine for our own personal gain. What can I get out of this relationship? The real question is; where are the soul winners that cry over the lost? When was the last time that we cried over lost strangers? I know we can cry over our family, but when was the last time that a homeless man on the corner begging moved you to tears? When was the last time you stopped your car and said, “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have…” Who will stand in the gap?

2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV) “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

My fear is that this generation has missed out on prayers warriors. We have become an instant gratification generation. We tweet in 140 characters and Prayer-warriorfigure prayer can be just as short. Here are some numbers that ought to make you cry. On the Baptist Board website they say the average Christian prays a minute a day and the average pastor prays five minutes a day. God help us that we can’t spend time with Him. No wonder our nation is falling away from God.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-22 (NKJV) “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil.”

God called us to pray without ceasing, not just to pray five minutes a day. I believe all these verses go so nicely together. People who don’t pray also don’t work in the gifts of the spirit. They don’t know how to follow the Spirit, so they quench the Spirit. Then after all that we can’t abstain from evil because we didn’t take Paul’s advice and kill the outward man on a daily basis through prayer.

We need to stand in the gap not just for our families, but our city, our state and our country. I prayed for a while next to a lady in deep intercession a few months ago and it pushed me into intercession. I realized that it had been a long time since I had been there. Too often we rapid fire our way through prayer with no time for a response from God. We just touch the outer reaches of His presence, but fail to make it to the throne room. We don’t get to the place for direction; we don’t even get to the place for a burden. Oh, we feel guilty for not winning more souls, but I’m not talking about guilt, I’m talking about a burden. What is the difference between a burden and guilt? Guilt is when you feel bad for not doing something, but a burden is when you feel so compelled to do something that you can’t sleep until it’s done. We need to cry out for a burden for the lost.

What happened to those God-given burdens that would drive us to our knees for hours? Where are the prayer warriors? Where are the intercessors? Somebody needs to stand in the gap. Someone needs to intercede, someone needs to cry out; “Where are the prayer warriors?!”

Our prayers ought to move heaven and shake the gates of hell. There is power in prayer. We like to quote that the gates of hell can’t stand against the Church, but when was the last time you were there at the gates of hell for a soul? Where are the prayer warriors?

We all talk about who is called to preach and who is called to missions, but your first calling is to tell a lost and dying world that Jesus loves them.

Isaiah 6:6-8 (NKJV) “Then one of the seraphim flew to me, having in his hand a live coal which he had taken with the tongs from the altar. And he touched my mouth with it, and said: ‘Behold, this has touched your lips; Your iniquity is taken away, And your sin purged.’ Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: ‘Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?’ Then I said, ‘Here am I! Send me.’”

What will you take away from this? Will you feel guilty; will it remind you of a burden or a calling? I’m not interested in the feelings you have, I’m interested in the action you will take. I challenge you to set aside time to pray daily, and allow it to be a two-way communication. Take a moment every week to help someone less fortunate than you and tell someone that Jesus loves them. Most important, ask God what He has called you to do. I like to tell people that most preachers have never preached, most soul winners have never won a soul and most prayer warriors have never prayed a prayer. How can I say that? Because it’s not about how I see you or how others see me, but it’s about how God sees us. If God can look at dry bones and see an army, He can see your potential as well.

Preacher, go find a place to preach, soul winner, go find a lost soul and prayer warrior go find a place to pray.

stand in the gap

The Upper Room…Not A Destination

On the day that the Church was born, Peter shares with us in Acts chapter two the account of the events that transpired that day. Verse one tells us that when the Day of Pentecost came, they were all gathered together in one place, the Upper Room. In previous reading we find that there was a group of 120 gathered there that day. Suddenly, there came a sound like the blowing of a violent wind from heaven that filled the entire room. They saw what appeared to be like tongues of fire and it came to rest upon every one of them. And all of them were filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak in other tongues as they were enabled by the Spirit.

The Upper Room

We live in a society which has become extremely self-focused. The mantra is rapidly becoming prominent that the only person that matters is “Número Uno”! Social media has actually helped to degrade our personal interaction. It is easy to slip into a mode of selfishness where we lose sight of what we can do to help and minister to others. We see this in the parable of the Good Samaritan. Those who were expected to help made excuses as to why they could not or would not help the injured man. Yet the one who was notorious for their unwillingness to express love to their fellow man, was the one who stopped and sacrificed to help him.

Imagine if those 120 that morning had embraced this mindset! What if they had stayed within the four walls of the Upper Room to just bask in this wonderful experience that had just taken place? What if they would have chosen to just take the attitude that, “I am worthy of this blessing since God chose to pour it out on me and not someone else?”

But what we quickly see is that these 120 newly-filled with the Holy Ghost, quickly moved forward to emulate the Great Commission. They went out into their world, and began to share their experience and what had just happened to them! They entered that room as fearful followers of a leader who was no longer with them. They left that room as emboldened and empowered soldiers ready to share the Gospel of a risen Savior with the entire world! And they began at Jerusalem, just as Jesus had told them they would do before He ascended to Heaven.

So they leave the safe confines of the Upper Room and go out to begin their ministry and the results are astounding…they experienced a 3,000 soul revival that first day!

Mark 16:15It is imperative that we mobilize and empower the Church in this day to not keep our experience confined to ourselves, but to get it out into the world in which we live. We are the Body, and God will use His Body to reach the world!

Pastor, Revival By Design is a blueprint that will absolutely help you to train, equip and energize your congregation to get outside the four walls of the Church and move into the harvest field as strategic soldiers with a renewed hunger for evangelism. It will also assist you in developing a church structure that is suited to accommodate the mighty harvest that God desires to give! Please contact us for more information on how you can see this, and more, happen in your church!

Pour On The Salt…Turn On The Light

Many of you have heard me proclaim that Jesus did not save you just to save you. Had His only reason for saving you been just to save you, I feel strongly that He would have taken you out of this world as soon as your salvation was secured.  So with that in mind, there must be a greater purpose to our salvation. We only need to peruse the purpose statement of Christ, and subsequently the Church, to understand this.

“For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” (Luke 19:10) and to the Church He further clarifies in Matthew 28:19-20, “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing…teaching…” The purpose of the Church in the 21st Century is still exactly the same as it was in the First Century church… to take this Gospel into a lost, hurting, hungry and dying world.

salt and lightIn Matthew 5, Jesus says that we are salt and light. All of us understand that it only takes sprinkling a little bit of salt onto our food in order to completely change its taste. It is also understood through science that light ALWAYS overpowers darkness! We can stand in a vast building, completely shrouded in the depths of darkness, and the smallest source of light can dispel the darkness. So we understand here that Christ is instructing us that no matter how trivial or insignificant that we might think we are, through Christ, we have the immense power to make an incredible impact upon our surroundings.

But verse 15 paints a picture of where we find entirely too many saints today. He says that men don’t light a candle and then put that light under a basket…they put it up on a stand so that it can serve the intended purpose…to provide light in the darkness.

In the 21st Century we have too many people who undoubtedly love God immensely. However, they have lost sight of their purpose. We come into our church service, and as we enter the doors, we remove the basket from our light and proceed to worship God along with all of our fellow believers. We have become very comfortable sharing our light with others in the church who are sharing their light with us as well. But when the dismissal prayer is concluded, we pick up our basket, and carefully place it over our light to guard it against the worldly elements that would try to put our light out. But outside the four walls of the Church is exactly where our light needs to be exposed! Sharing light in a place where it is already prominent is not what God had intended…He tells us to let it shine in the darkness!


In verse 16 Christ admonishes us that we are to let our light shine to others. This allows us to be a testimony to them of the good things that God has accomplished in us and through us. And this brings glory to Him! The only way we can fulfill the charge of Matthew 28 is by accomplishing the instructions of Matthew 5! As the world is which we live grows darker each day, there has never been a greater time for the Church to be putting its light where it can make a difference.

Our relationship with Christ was never meant to be confined to our private life… You are the light of the world…the salt of the earth. Go and make a difference today!

Easter Revival Reports

We have begun to receive reports from some of our North America RBD Training Centers who experienced wonderful successes on Easter Sunday! Several noted that they had record attendance!

RBD Service in TorontoPastor Tim Pickard in Toronto shares that they had two baptized in Jesus’ Name on Easter Sunday! Pastor John Ratka in Manchaca, TX reported that not only did they break their attendance record on Easter Sunday, but they also had three baptized in Jesus’ Name and three filled with God’s Spirit! Pastor Sam Dougherty in Catoosa, OK reported that as a result of recent Bible Studies they baptized a husband and wife. In addition to this, they are seeing new Bible Studies beginning, and some of those contacts visiting their regular church services. They are also seeing some amazing doors open in the community that are allowing the saints of Catoosa to go into area facilities (hospital and women’s shelter) and are able to minister to people in these settings. God is opening amazing doors in Catoosa!

We will continue to post more updates as they come in! God is doing great things in His church! We are thankful for the impact that RBD is having in these churches.

Looking For Another Me

We are honored to have a guest author filling this space. Pastor Adam Hill serves as the Associate Pastor at McCormick’s Creek UPC in Spencer, IN. Pastor Hill preached this message just as the church was launching into RBD earlier this year.

apostle_paulSometime ago God dealt with me about a message for our home church. He directed me to the 14th chapter of Acts in which Paul was stoned and drug outside the city of Lystra for preaching the Gospel. To be stoned with rocks would be painful and grueling to say the least, but this is what Paul had to endure.To me, one of the hardest things about ministry is when I give of myself and then also have to experience the pain and rejection. It’s discouraging to put your life on the line because you genuinely care, then to realize the one you gave to just pushes you away.Some historians believe that Paul died from being stoned; some believe otherwise. It bewilders me that the people from Lystra stoned him in Acts 14:19, and two verses later Paul finds himself back in Lystra ministering to the very ones that tried to kill him.

What drives someone to do that? Where would one find the courage to walk back into that sort of pain? How much would a person have to love humanity in order to position themselves a second time into that kind of rejection?

Most would get what I call “Jonah-itis”. This is when God says, “Go east,” and Jonah decides to goes west. Most would go the opposite direction, but not Paul.  He walked right back into the arms of the ones that hurt and rejected him.

Paul’s reasoning for going back is not mentioned in the Word of God, but I likePaul Holding Coats to believe that he saw himself in the crowd that threw the rocks with such hate.  Could it be that God reminded Paul of the day when he endorsed and stood by guarding the coats of the ones that did the exact same thing to a righteous man named Stephen? I’m sure that Paul would never forget Stephen’s last words, “Lord, lay not this sin to their charge.” Not many would forget something like that!

Paul understood what God had brought him out of and also to where God had brought him. That was the reason that Paul went back into Lystra! He realized that his calling was far greater than himself, so He was willing to walk back into pain, rejection and ridicule in order to find someone just like himself!

Paul StonedQuestion: How many times have you given up on someone because they rejected you? I can truly say I have; but then again I can honestly admit that I have, at one time or another rejected the ones that tried to help me.  If we are ever going to have true apostolic revival, then we need to be willing to help a world that hates and rejects the Church! We need to get past the hurt and rejection that we have experienced in times past.

Paul gets stoned in Lystra in Acts 14:19, goes back to preach at Lystra in Acts 14:21, and in Acts 16 Paul finds a disciple by the name of Timothy in a place called Lystra.  It all happened because Paul wanted to find someone like himself. He wanted someone to carry on the Gospel when he was gone.  I pray in these last days that we build churches to carry this truth into the entire world after we are long gone.

This message epitomizes the purpose of RBD…to go into the world and connect with those who were waiting for someone to come and reach them! Thank you Pastor Hill for being willing to share this amazing message!

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