Church Planters Online RBDNA Training Seminar

We are pleased to provide an AMAZING opportunity for those pastors and churches who are currently in the “Church Plant” status to learn about how Revival By Design can impact your church. We understand the complexities that are involved sometimes in getting all of the resources together to attend “live” training. This is our effort to make available a tool that can greatly enhance the success of the church plant.

In this seminar, which is all done via online video conference, you will get the foundational training necessary to begin implementing RBD. Once this training is completed, you will then be able to apply to become a certified RBDNA Training Center and then will enjoy all of the benefits and support available to our Centers. This seminar takes place on a Friday evening and Saturday. It can be attended by the pastor, and/or anyone else whom the pastor feels would benefit by this training. There is sufficient time built in for interaction to make certain that everyone has a good understanding of what the RBD process is all about.

The cost of attending this training seminar is $100. Once you have completed this seminar you will be eligible to purchase curriculum with your registration fee applied to your first order. You will then have the tools you need to begin implementation of RBD in your local church plant. Please fill out and submit the Information Request form for additional details.

Our next seminar will be held on February 26th & 27th, 2016.  If you are interested in attending one, fill out the form below for further details. If you wish to register for this event, you will also find a secure payment method below which will secure your spot in our seminar.

We are thankful for this opportunity to partner with true heroes of the faith!

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