What Is RBD?

1010065_549694771734223_969487135_nRevival By Design is not just another program, it is a blueprint, it is a process, it is a vehicle, it is Biblical principles. These attributes, and others, make up RBD. In this section we will help you gain a greater understanding of how this blueprint can help your church go to the next level, and beyond!

God will only give us what we are prepared to receive. RBD prepares us to receive and care for new people, otherwise we will lose them. REVIVAL BY DESIGN is not just an evangelism strategy. It is systematic training in the Scripture that continually compels the student into their community for evangelism. They will be graded not just on academic achievement, but also for fruitfulness as a soul winner. Advancement in RBD demands both Bible knowledge and success in practical application.

Revival By Design North America Mission Statement:

Revival by Design exists to train leaders and encourage a unified effort in local assemblies to propagate the Gospel throughout their region. With that training, every city and village in every nation of the world will have a chance to hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.

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