I’m Interested…What Next?

So you have been seeking God for the right tools to take your church to the next level and experience unprecedented revival! As you have spent time reading through some of the information regarding Revival By Design on this website, you have begun to feel something stir within your spirit, prompting you to look into RBD a little more. What next?

Holy Ghost Rally crowd in Toronto
Holy Ghost Rally crowd in Toronto

As we have mentioned, Revival By Design is a structured blueprint that is based on the Biblical pattern for experiencing the fullness of what God desires for His church! In order to maintain the integrity of this blueprint and to allow a foundation to be put into place in your assembly before launching RBD, it is essential for some training to be established. We offer several ways to fulfill this training. We are constantly seeking pastors and churches who are willing to open their doors and host a seminar in a regional type setting. In addition to that, we can come into a local assembly and provide training for just that church alone. This particular scenario can be completed in a minimum of ten hours (generally a Friday night and Saturday combination), but we can also extend that to cover more areas.

Both of these training settings, and anything in-between, will provide the necessary training and exposure to how RBD works. You will learn how to implement the blueprint to allow you to begin to develop a plan and to prepare your team to go into the field and begin reaping the harvest! Once you have signed on as a Training Center, you will then be able to purchase curriculum as needed. You will also have full access to RBD staff to help you with any questions or situations that arise, as well as to help you to develop your plan and implementation strategy. Revival By Design staff is also available to return to your church to help at any time with training, to minister, or to troubleshoot any difficulties that you might be experiencing during the transition to RBD. You will also be invited to attend a monthly video conference where you will be networking with other RBD Training Centers as well as an RBD staff member to help keep things on track,  share victory reports, and get help building a base of information.

If you would like to receive more information, or would like to ask specific questions regarding Revival By Design, please go to the More Information page and fill out the form to be emailed to us. We will promptly respond to your needs and help you in any way that we can. Our goal is to see every church that desires a greater outpouring of the Holy Ghost to be able to fulfill that experience. Revival By Design will help you to structure your church and will also train, equip, and send people into the field to reap the harvest that God has intended!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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