What Others Are Saying…

Revival By Design is having an impact everywhere that it is being utilized. Here are just a few comments from Pastors and Church Leaders who are involved with RBDNA.

“We now have services seven days a week, Monday thru Sunday. Our total weekly attendance is nearly 50 more than just Sundays before. We NEVER averaged more than 30-35 on Wed bible study before RBD. We now average about 65 total attendance in our Life Groups.

The incredible thing now is that we are watching people in our Life Groups develop and many even taking on role of leadership (teaching lessons, praise leaders, caring for one another’s needs, treasurer duties, etc.) The process works!

Our Life Group leaders meet every two weeks for training and development on Sunday afternoon. We are experiencing unity among leadership like never before. We are currently planning for the next phase with our Life Groups of training!” – Pastor Joel Mitchell, Arab, AL

Since implementing RBD five weeks ago, we have experienced 15% growth in our Sunday morning attendance. During that same time-frame, the individuals involved in a personal Bible Study have grown from 10 to 35! We have witnessed miracles, but best of all, the church has become connected to soul winning!” – Pastor Greg W. Davis, DeKalb, IL

After years of writing and rewriting curriculum, borrowing from various authors, some Apostolic, some not, we finally have available to us a tool that can aid the local Apostolic church in doing everything we have set out to do. RBD is the most complete Apostolic model I have ever seen. It’s not a program, it’s a process and it is working in Conway. I have never experienced more solid “Word” being taught across all levels of maturity than I am seeing right now using RBD. Since its introduction 10 months ago, this NAM church has seen 29 receive the Holy Ghost for the first time and 19 baptized in Jesus’ Name! I highly recommend RBD!” – Pastor Bryan Shock, Conway, AR

“The purpose of the Church is found in Matthew 28:19 where Jesus commanded His followers to “GO, make disciples.”  That is what the First Century Church did so well, as we see in Acts 6:1, where the “…number of disciples was multiplied.”

How do we today, as the 21st Century Church, heed the Lord’s command to go and make disciples?  The key to fulfilling the purpose of the Church is to follow the same process as the Original ChurchRevival By Design North America (RBDNA) delivers to the Modern Day Church the Biblical process for making disciples and multiplying the Church.  RBDNA provides the much-needed curriculum that teaches the Biblical principles of church growth and demonstrates these principles in action through corresponding practicum.

When looking at the 1st Century Church and its process of evangelism, discipleship, ministry, and empowerment, I found direct correlation within the lessons and structure of RBDNA.  The strategic vision has changed the way we think and the way we do church. This has greatly helped prepare our leaders to “GO” into the field and reap the end time harvest that God has promised.  Making disciples is not by accident, but by design.” – Pastor Michael McKinnies, Shawano, WI

“We really appreciate how Revival By Design systematically moves the Church forward in all aspects.  The Revival By Design process pulled together things we were already doing and pushed us to do things we wanted to do.  This Oct. we begin four House Churches during the midweek with one of them totally in Spanish.  Since we began teaching RBD concepts, we have noticed no fewer than three visitors every week that no one even invited! We were also offered a church building not far from where we were setting up. The Pastor of that church let us name our terms and our price!” – Pastor Jacob Hedrick, Mooresville, NC

“We are thrilled to say that the RBD process has renewed and made us all more aware of our calling to reach out to the lost souls of our city! We realize more of the usefulness of Home Bible Studies and House Churches and RBDNA has been an encouragement to us through very trying circumstances, causing us to hang in there. Revival By Design has helped us to establish a House Church in a completely new pioneer area miles from Orillia. Most recently we have begun reaching into a second start-up on a neighboring native reserve! With the assistance of RBD, we are looking forward to church growth and progress in this area.” – Pastor John & Shirley Kerr, Orillia, Ontario

“Just over two years ago, after God had called my family to Orillia to join the Kerr’s in the harvest, He put in my spirit the desire to know the keys that would open the doors and break the chains of the lost. I had many conversations with Pastor Kerr about this very topic and prayed to find the key to revival in a city. God led us to Revival By Design North America and Missionary Mark Shutes (the visionary of RBD). Through this process we have learned about Revival By Design. It is not a program, but rather a process and guide through the course of establishing house churches, preaching points and/or outposts in the battle that the Church is waging against sin and darkness.

This God-given process is what Bro. Shutes used on the mission field and has seen many, many great things done by God! Now we have the opportunity to glean from his experience and unleash spiritual warfare on the home front: to be able to break into any city and establish a footing in what can often be seen as hostile territory.

This is what God led us to! This is the process that will unlock Apostolic anointing and the revival for our city and surrounding communities and yours too!

Since we began RBD we have made many contacts and have had people walk through the church doors that were not even invited! We have heard that God would speak to people’s hearts about a truth-preaching church in Orillia when they were looking for it. We have seen doors opened that we would have thought impossible! We have seen Bible Studies taught, relationships being built and most recently in talks of opening a House Church on a neighboring native reserve. People are hungry; souls are waiting!

Will the traditional church structure be able to contain or maintain the revival God wants to bring to your city?” – Rev. Justin & Sarah Pollard, Orillia, Ontario

“Revival By Design’s curriculum has helped to empower our saints and young ministers to be the souls winners they need to be. The idea of practicum included with the teaching makes a world of difference. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you do nothing with it, it is useless.” – Rev. Neil Pursell, Linton, IN

“I was introduced to Revival By Design in 2013 when I attended a RBD seminar at Turn Pointe church, in Conway Arkansas, Pastor Bryan Shock.   At the time I attended the seminar, we had just relocated and were pastoring a church with only a handful of people.  For several reasons, we did not feel we could implement RBD fully at that time; however, I began using the teaching materials.  We focused much of our time on teaching spiritual warfare, and then putting that teaching into action through prayer walks and taking dominion and authority over the spirits of our community.

One thing I understand now more than ever, is that blind people cannot see light.  If people cannot see or understand the gospel, they will not be changed by the Gospel.  According to 2 Corinthians 4:4, our enemy’s purpose is to blind people. “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.” 2 Corinthians 4:4.

Over the last couple of years we have learned to prayer against the spirit of blindness.  We feel we can pray against blindness and then the relevant teaching material provided by RBD can be enlightening to those we teach.  RBD has definitely had an impact on the growth of our church the last two years and I’m thankful that the handful of people we started with is now over 100.  Thank you RBDNA!” – Pastor Paul Mize, Mountain View, AR

“Revival By Design has given us a biblical plan of action that we can focus on. It brings all of the scriptural imperatives together and shows how they are applied in everyday practice. We are figuring out how to apply the outreach strategies to our small town environment, but our core ministry group is committed to its principles because they are biblical, and we have already seen a measure of success.

RBD provides a distinct learning and doing program that our church has been able to focus on, making our prayer and study time more effective. We’ve recently moved into the outreach phase and I’ve found the same sense of focus and unity there.

I am confident that our consistent application of RBD’s process will produce long-term results both in numerical and personal growth in our church.” Pastor Doug Ellingsworth, Finley, TN

“In April 2015, my wife and I attended RBDNA Training in Lorain, Ohio.  After training, we immediately began to prepare and plan to teach Course 1A.  My wife and I began teaching RBDNA Course 1A to the church at the end of June.  The response and interest in RBDNA has been overwhelming.  We have seen an increased commitment in church attendance, tithing, and church involvement.

Instead of seeing a major dip in our attendance, we have been able to maintain attendance and even have revival in the summer months.  Between the months of May through August, since attending RBDNA Training, the church has seen 86 first time visitors, 14 receive the Holy Ghost, and 9 baptized in Jesus’ Name.” – Pastor Stacey MaGee, Reading, PA

“Revival By Design provides an incredible structure for facilitating church growth and End Time Revival. RBD addresses the entire spectrum of Revival from evangelism to discipleship. The curriculum is easy to teach and doctrinally sound. I’m very excited about the impact that RBDNA is having on our church and community.” – Pastor Greg Downs, Fayetteville, AR

“RBD has been a blessing to our church in several ways. We have witnessed a tremendous increase in the maturity level of our members in general. It has been such a joy to see several come out of their shell and allow the Lord to use them in new and powerful ways. These same people have been used to reach out to our community and we are seeing revival and growth. What a thrill it is to have a healthy, thriving method of training our new converts. We thank God for the remarkable difference RBD has made in our church!”Pastor Ron Hawkins, Ellettsville, IN

“RBD has had a profound apostolic influence on our church. We’ve had more people involved in prayer and fasting for revival than ever before. The results have been amazing. The curriculum’s apostolic nature has helped grow established members, as well as new converts. I couldn’t be happier with its impact on our church.”Pastor Mark Melton, North Little Rock, AR

“RBDNA has so impacted my life. It has impacted the lives of our church; and it is now beginning to impact the lives of our city. Without a purpose and direction, the harvest will just spoil in the field. Jeremiah 1:10 says, “See, I have this day set thee over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.” God demands action…RBDNA empowers our churches to this end.”Pastor David Mueller Sr., Lake Station, IN

“When I began to look at Revival By Design, the thing that impressed me was that there were no loop holes for new converts to fall through causing us to lose them.  When you look at the full scope of lessons the material covers everything that we as pastors are instructed to do, “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ,” (Eph. 4:12)  This program will help your current saints to be stronger in doctrine, and have the tools to win the lost.” – Pastor Kevin Seibold, Redmond, OR

83fadfb4-bbd3-471b-ac4b-854a72c86618“RBD has renewed a desire in our assembly for evangelism. As a result, we have experienced church growth, spiritually and numerically. We highly recommend this blueprint for revival to any congregation desiring to return to its Apostolic roots.” – Pastor Timothy Pickard, Toronto, Ontario

“Isaiah 54:2-3 says ‘Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes; For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left.’Revival by Design is a clear-cut method by which a church can accomplish this.” – Pastor David Wright, Arnold, MD

“The launch of Revival by Design in the country of Latvia has proven the effectiveness and potential of this program. In less than five months, the team of ministers that has assembled here in the Riga area has successfully launched a “Hall Church” and two “House Churches”. We are now in the early stages of preparing national workers to become involved in leading and ministering within the next few months. The work here is far ahead of where it would have been using traditional methods of evangelism and training.”Missionary Mark Shutes

Comments from actual Revival By Design Students:

A month into RBD: Already in the harvest. New Church has exploded!

We are anxious to see what God is going to do in our church, city and nation. RBD is structure that we have lacked in our church. Though we have seen great growth, I see RBD as the structure to take us to a new level.

I would highly recommend RBD to anyone with a desire to see their church grow in a dramatic, yet steady and manageable way. It is a plan that promotes structure, accountability, and a doctrinally firm balance of Spirit and Truth. From establishing the new convert, to teaching those who are established to reach and lead others, RBD takes well-known Biblical principles and organizes them into a wonderful plan that will be of great use during this end-time revival.


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